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How Will You Choose The Right Solar Panel For Camping?

Going on camping with a solar backup is always a good idea. After all, a portable solar system will allow you to travel to remote and unpowered locations without sacrificing your luxuries of having a portable fridge, LED camping lights, mobile devices and much more. So, if you are planning to go for a camping in the near future, it is highly recommended to know about the solar panels in Melbourne. This will give you an of its working and the pool of benefits that it offers you with.

There are many solar companies in Melbourne who provide you with a solar panel system for camping purposes. But, the question is, how will you choose the right one that fits best for your camping needs?

Guide to Choosing the Right Solar Panelsolar panel installation Melbourne 


Using solar panels while you camp can help you create a reliable system that fits your needs and help you to enjoy the luxuries even when you are away from home.  So, before you opt for a solar panel installation in Melbourne, below-mentioned few things should be considered while choosing a solar system for your caravan.

  1. Check the Portability

For the camping purpose, checking the portability of the solar panels in Melbourne should be your primary concern. Without this feature, the solar system will not be of any use. Hence, it is best to ask the solar companies to provide you with a system that is portable and can sit conveniently on your caravan. Also, know about the 5 important questions that you need to ask your solar power company.

  1. Decide Your Budget

When simply put, the more powerful your panel is, the more it is going to cost you. The other factors that will affect your cost are the quality of the junction box and frame, the packaging, the cables and accessories that you will require for your panel system. So, it is necessary to set your budget and choose these things accordingly.

  1. Identify the Wattage i.e. Power that You Will Require

It is perhaps the most important thing to get right. To work out your wattage requirements, the panel needs to be sized accordingly as to how much power you are going to use. It is always better to overestimate in this case so that you are not disappointed with the fact that you exceeded using the amount of power you originally estimated for your caravan.

  1. Choose a Panel that Has Maximum Exposure to Sunlight

As the solar panels are fixed beneath the safety panels, you need to make sure that they are placed in a way that gets maximum sunlight. If the solar companies in Melbourne offer you with a solar panel that uses a crystalline panel, even the slightest shadow can make a difference to the final output. Hence, you need to choose a solar panel that has full exposure to sunlight.

  1. Check Your Battery

The solar panels work best while connected with a good battery. It is always advised to charge up your battery as soon as it reaches below50%. This will help prolong its lifespan. So, while carrying out solar panel installation in Melbourne, it is necessary to confirm your battery health.

  1. Get Assistance from Your Local Dealer

Though connecting the battery seems to be a simple job, it involves certain procedures that you may not be aware of. Often, your camping caravan dealer may have all the knowledge about the specifications for connecting a solar panel through unique adaptors. So, to avoid the hassle and end up installing in a wrong way, it is best to check with your local dealer.

  1. Clean the Panels Regularly

Once you have installed the solar panel on your caravan, ensure that you regularly clean it as dust and dirt can greatly reduce the panel’s ability to absorb solar energy. Keeping them clean will help you maximise the output by keeping the panel at its top efficiency. For more tips on extending the life of your solar panels, read our blog post here.

These brief guidelines can help you get a solar panel that will not only suit your caravan perfectly but will also ensure that you are able to have all the luxuries while camping.

Get Ready for Camping

With a perfect solar panel installation in Melbourne, you can have a peace of mind that your power needs are met with thoroughly. All you need is to be careful while choosing a solar panel system that proves to be ideal for your needs. Once done, you really have the liberty to enjoy an unlimited power supply, no matter where you go. Your eco-friendly camping is just a solar panel installation away!

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Read These 6 Tips about Custom Trailers to Double Your Business

The automobile and transportation industries have much to contribute to the progress of humankind and have become important parts of our lives. Every day we see that goods and people need to be transported across regions safely and with good speed. We all depend on the transportation industry for visiting places and exploring the wonderful world.

The transportation industry has been in the growth phase in Australia. According to, Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of new motor vehicles sold in the Australian region has been rising. In August 2017 there were 96,662 new motor vehicles sold in the Australian region. New South Wales recorded the most sales at 32,137 followed by Victoria at 27,569.

Trailers Are An Important Part Of Transportation!

Trailers For Sale in Melbourne

Trailers in Melbourne are popular among business owners which helps them in transportation activities. They are kind of nonautomotive vehicles which have been designed to be hauled by the road by a vehicle. According to automotive key indicators for motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing had an annual growth rate of 6.6% in the industry value added indicator.

Trailers come in a variety of designs as they can be used for various different purposes. Trailers which are very light (TA) are single axle with a GTM (Gross Trailer Mass) not exceeding 0.75 tonne, light trailers (TB) come with GTM not exceeding 3.5 tonnes other than a trailer category (TA) and medium trailers (TC) are between 3.5 tonnes and 10 tonnes GTM.

Our Love Affair With The Trailers

Customised trailers for sale in Melbourne are also very popular with the business owners as businesses need trailers which can be individually designed to meet the personal requirements of every business. There are a number of ways in which customised trailers can help a business grow and prosper:

The Food Industry:


Trailers For Sale in Melbourne

Who would not like to have an ice cream on a hot day from a nearby mobile shop? For food service providers like the restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours, the mobile services like a restaurant trailer can be very beneficial as people definitely prefer buying food from mobile platforms as they like to get food easily from the nearest service providers and for such purposes, mobile food centres are just perfect.

The Automobile Maintenance Industry:

Modern automobile maintenance industry is such a saviour for vehicle owners! Trailers in Melbourne are inevitable and indispensable for the automobile maintenance industry as vehicles need to be picked up from site and location of damage. Trailers help to reduce the time required for repair and maintenance and ensure that the vehicle remains safe.

The Transportation Industry:

Now we must stop worrying about transporting valuable items over distances as we have efficient transportation available! The transportation industry has been instrumental in helping clients transport items and goods over large distances. A large number of goods can be safely transported over distances with the help of trailers as they can accommodate many items. Trailers can thus boost the transportation industry by providing more space and scope for transporting items.

The Retail Industry:

Customers wonder if they can buy their favourite items right at the corner of their homes! A beautiful dress or a lovely necklace!! Yes, the retail industry can benefit highly from mobile retail stores which can provide the items needed by the public right at the doorstep. Like the mobile food industry, the retail industry too has much potential for growth with the mobile shops.

The Mobile Medical Facilities:

It not all about just personal gain as mobile services are also beneficial for the society as we now have rapid medical facilities available! One of the most wonderful advantages of the mobile shops’ industry is that medical facilities and attention can be provided to those in need quickly with the medical trailers. A dispensary, clinic, medical store or just an ambulance these services remain extremely popular.

Additional Trailers:

What about requirements for transportation of extremely large amounts of goods quickly? Of course, a carrier can accommodate more than a single trailer and with additional trailers, many goods can be transported at the same time saving a lot of money in transportation and boosting the business process.


Thus we see that trailers for sale in Melbourne can help businesses in many ways to prosper and are recommended for those who are interested in reaching out to the customers and caring for the customer needs. The trailer industry is sure to keep up growth record as more people will need these services in the future.